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Community Rules And Guidelines

No offensive language/flame/racism against players admins or our community.
No cheats, dupe or exploits.

Do not ask us how to run a server!
Do not corporate with hackers you will be banned with them you MUST report them.
Respect other players and staff
and this is most important have fun

Rules are subject to change.


Q: Can we donate?
A: Yes donations will soon be accepted on our site.

Q: What will you do with the donations?
A: Donations will be used to help improve the community for our players as well as to help local and overseas families in need.

Q: Who does your hosting?
A: We do our own hosting we use real servers not normal PCs.

Q: What does aCw stand for?
A: A Cloud of Witnesses.

Q: How many servers do you have?
A: We have several physical and virtual gaming servers and more are being added/upgraded every few months.

Q: I do not understand the admin ranking system.
A: Staff with the (aCw^) tag are new mods for various or single games as well as TeamSpeak/discord.
Staff members with the (aCw") are full admins who have been promoted showing they are experienced in the community and sometimes train new mods.
Staff with the (aCw*) are head admins meaning they oversee new mods and full admins and are given day to day tasks by the founders
staff with plain (aCw) are the leaders and founders of aCw and make all the rules etc this is the final rank staff members may obtain and are the top trusted members.
Leaders and founders share the same tags.

Q: Who can help me with X game?
A: Not all staff members are game mods/admins in TeamSpeak you can click an admins name to see all his tags and description for that tag but any staff member can point you in the right direction.

Alternatively you can post here on our forums.

Q: Alright so how do I become staff?
A: Remain faithful to the community and show that you care about other players etc this shows to leaders and founders that you are a good sport and possible staff material.
THAT is only the first step to truly get noticed you must fill out an application on our website if we have any positions available for the position you chose we will send you an email.
Available positions will be posted on the website.

Q: what is TeamSpeak/What are TeamSpeak ranks?
A: TeamSpeak is a voice communication software much like skype discord etc.We use TeamSpeak to communicate in game or for other communication needs.
Ranks show who is a mod admin player etc.If a player has a P next to their name this means they are a "Pre-Member" this is a new person in our TeamSpeak and has very limited abilities.
The T stands for TeamSpeak member this is a player who is known to play on our game servers and frequent our TeamSpeak.

Q: Where can I find a list of your servers?
A: You can take a look on your website for all community news and game server list.

Q: In communities, i have been in i can never talk to the leaders or founders is your community different?
A: Yes our leaders will be glad to have a chat with you so long as we have the time as we are very busy running the community.
We are all volunteers but it can sometimes be a full-time job.

If you have any more questions feel free to message us on TeamSpeak, post on our forums or message us on facebook.

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