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☢ aCw Rustbuster ☢

Upgraded from Oxide to Fougerite.



We have recently spent a lot of time and effort into upgrading and adding an addition to aCw servers from an everyday Oxide server to something a bit more complex and advanced.

We chose to go with Fougerite, and we are glad we did!

The Fougerite community helped me out a bunch, and eventually, it came to be the beauty of a server it is today.


I'm sure there are still many flaws, and that's exactly why I need YOU to go and play!


And now, onto the features...



aCw Legacy Rustbuster:

Regular Updates no more cheaters

Active anticheat

24/7 on a dedicated machine in the USA

Active Admins/Mods

2 Sethomes for each player

Automated airdrops

Advanced death/Kill messages

Arrow recovery at 50%

Bolt action supply crate

Clear /help command

Supply signals in airdrops

Easily acquire Blueprints and research kits

Integrated Live Map

Destroy system

Join alerts

Starter kits for new players

Teleportation system

Working /fps and /graph commands

Monthly Wipe server every 25th!






/help to get to this list of commands in Game

/location to show your location.

/history to show the chat history.

/pm "player" "message" to send a private message. (You must use quotation marks!)

/r "message" to quickly reply to the last pm you received. (Quotation marks not needed!)

/players to show a list of online players.

/starter to get a starter kit. (2-day cooldown)

/ping to check your ping.

/share "player" to allow him/her access to your doors.

/unshare "player" to deny them access.

/addfriend "player" to add that person to your friends.

/unfriend "player" to remove a player from your friend's list.

/friends to show the list of friends you've made.

/tpa to show info regarding the teleportation system.

/home to show info regarding the home system.


More to come 

Hunger games arena

PvP arena

Level up farming system






Very straightforward! 

1.Do not cheat, exploit bugs, or show foul behaviour. 

2.Respect Admins and Server rules

3.Be nice! Limit your profanity and control your anger. 

4.Not complying with these rules may result in a ban at any given time. 

Naturally speaking, the advertisement is not allowed.

An implemented plugin should prevent this, if it does not you will be muted or banned.

(Depending on the severity of the spam)




IP: net.connect

Or just press play Game and find us in server lists!


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If you feel you have been unfairly banned please do not message us or post in the shoutbox post it on the forums so that any active admin may assist you thank you.

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So I need help improving the site and need to know about all the bugs so if you find any please post them --> here <--

On another note there seems to be a bug I can't find the issue with if you change your name you sometimes can't log in if you have this issue please contact us on TeamSpeak or make a new account.

though this bug seems to be browser specific so if this happens to you try to use a different browser such as internet explorer or edge.

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Rustbuster is live! go here for more info

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Rust buster is up again we will leave oxide up as well

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Due to popular request rust legacy has been wiped today 12/20/17

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Ok so it seems to me no one knows how to read a freaking message to download rust buster or understands how to use it and I am having too many issues with it and it has become more trouble than its worth at this time and I don't have the time to actively dev on it so, for now, we are going back to the old cracked server until I have time to mess with it.

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aCw now has a discord server here's the link

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Gday mates as some of you have seen I have lifted the bans on all banned countries but here is the catch to all this there will be an influx of hackers from said countries and I simply do not have the staff to control it but here is the good news we now have a second rust legacy server that runs RustBuster this is a client-side anticheat with advanced features this will remove most if not all hacks from the game and no one is making new hacks for this game so its unlikely anyone smart enough will get around it download the client here

once you have it run the rustbuster.exe to update it and the change name to change your name

please let me know in the comments if you have any issues with the client oh and also you can connect with

net.connect <-- notice the port different if that does not work our friends at fougerite have added us to the in-game server browser ^-^ good luck rusties!

One more note if the server needs an update pls let me know in case I miss it

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I want to thank everyone and all my staff for being patient these last few months and thank staff and some players for keeping an eye on the site as I am having issues getting internet set up at my house and have not been able to get on here for a while and have not had time or a good enugh connection to work on the site I am also not the best with php haha but I will get it done as soon as I can

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